Benefits of Using Concrete Pumps for Residential Placements

As part of our equipment line-up, West Coast Concrete uses concrete line pumps to save you time and money. Line pumps are versatile, portable units typically used to pump not only structural concrete, but also grout, wet screeds, mortar, shotcrete, foamed concrete, and sludge.
Concrete line pumps with mixer trucks are not used a lot in residential applications. Construction budgets allot less money for associated costs to the placement of driveways, slabs, and sidewalks. Most residential concrete contractors feel the mixer truck can go anywhere to place concrete.
Normally this is true. However, concrete is not always placed under ideal conditions like dry, hard packed soil.
There are a few good reasons to use a line pump to place concrete in a residential setting.
1.  Faster placement - No need to keep moving mixer trucks around the edge of the slab or footing. A pump truck operator with a remote control unit can move the boom anywhere to place the concrete as directed.
2.  Ease of placement - No wheelbarrows needed. No rakes needed to drag the concrete 6-7 feet from the discharge point of the truck chute.
3.  No muddy mess and you can avoid getting stuck in the soft ground - No one wants to pay $300-$500 for a tow truck to pull out a stuck concrete mixer.
4.  Tall residential walls - Custom built homes can have tall privacy walls around the whole property. It can be almost impossible to pour into a narrow wall form that is higher than the truck chute. A concrete pump truck makes the pour simple and fast and minimizes the mess of concrete spilling over the sides of the wall forms.
Concrete producers should consider partnering with a couple of concrete pumping companies and calling on major homebuilders to sell the benefits of concrete pumping, especially for hard-to-reach lots. Working together you may be able to convince builders it’s worth paying the extra costs of using concrete pumping equipment for certain locations.



Permeable and Porous Concrete Pavers

The terms permeable and porous pavers refer to pavers which allow water to percolate through them. Permeable pavers present a solid surface but allow natural drainage and mig ration of water into the earth by permitting water to drain through the spaces between the pavers.
Porous pavers, on the other hand, present a surface with "holes" which can be filled with vegetation or aggregate depending upon the need. Porous/permeable pavers provide the same advantages as traditional concrete pavers, including resistance to heavy loads, the flexibility of repair, low maintenance, exceptional durability, and high quality.

Stamped Concrete Perfect For Residential or Commercial Projects

By imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete, you can achieve the high-end look of stone or brick pavement-and often at a lower cost.
Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, is concrete that replicates stones such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. Ideal for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is the perfect outdoor paving choice.
Recently, stamped concrete has become a popular choice for many homeowners because it offers a wide array of options when it comes to concrete pattern and concrete colors. Another factor contributing to its popularity is its price. The cost of stamped or imprinted concrete is often considerably lower than the materials it is a substitute for.
Concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a cost-effective replica of more expensive materials, without giving up a natural, authentic look. When choosing colors and patterns for your stamped cement, make sure they blend with other stone, tile or textured concrete elements at your residence. Even in complex designs with steps and fountains, patterns can be still be pressed into the concrete. Stamped concrete can also be used in conjunction with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate or acid staining. Popular patterns include running bond brick, hexagonal tile, worn rock or stone.  

Angelus Pavers Has Been In Business Since 1946


Angelus Pavers is just one of the many paving and stone companies that we work with.  We pride ourselves with using only the finest paver brands and materials available for our customers.    Angelus has been in business in southern California since 1946.  Below is a nice catalog that you can review to see first hand some of the colors and styles that are available thru Angelus Pavers.

Click on the file to open up the PDF paver catalog.

Social Media Marketing SMM was just never our thing.

Hello, I’m Donny Horton, Orange County resident and owner/operator of West Coast Concrete Services. I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some great news.

First the bad news… After 25 years in the concrete business, all of us here at West Coast Concrete never knew much about spreading around Social Media Marketing ideas on the world wide web. But we sure knew about your new concrete, paver and design needs. Well, all of that is about to change, so here’s the good news!

We just hired a part-time senior Orange Countian who happens to be a California Vietnam veteran to be our new, not-shy, SMM Guy. He promises to help keep us honest and straightforward in all our services, work ethics, and business dealings. While he’s spreading the good word on our new blog site, we’ll be spreading the good concrete for more happy ending SMM stories that he can proudly post on our new website blog. That’s our new Yahoo/OATH and promise to all of you.
We’re calling it - The GroundWork. “All the West Coast Concrete news worth laying down” Even though we never posted our good work ethics and business standards, it doesn't mean we never practice them. We always believed that good customer service is a 3 level pyramid or maybe better yet a 3 stage rocket.

The customer is always first. They are the groundwork. Without them, there is no pyramid or rocket fuel. Next is the hard work, technical expertise and sacrifice the company provides. And finally, the last level or stage is the Eureka moment or successful solution to meet our goal or finished product, and another happy customer. And as the owner, I stand by that 100%.
Now onward and upward we go. You might recognize our first network platform. Yelp is a well-known website dedicated to helping match local homeowners with local businesses in their community for an array of products and services. We are newcomers to Yelp but we are proud and happy to share with you our very first review from a great new client. You can click on the yelp logo below or read his complete review as our very first blog post. Thank You for your ongoing help and support. Donny.

First to Review

finished work quality - 5 stars
ease of working with them - 5 stars
contact availability - 5 stars
showing up on time - 3.5 stars
completion time - 4 stars

First let me say that I am very hesitant to use a company that I do not find public reviews on. I always start by looking for several companies that do what I am looking for (in this case, a new driveway) in local mailer ads, then go online to the business website, check that out and read the reviews, then go to yelp and other review boards to see what pops up from there. I rank them, then call to get more info and if I like the way they are on the phone, I go forward (and in this case, request a consultation). Then of course based on the next interactions, the professionalism I gather from them, estimated time and cost, etc. I feel ready to work with this company.

I had maybe 5 contractors out to check out my backyard (which was my original project until my wife suggested we fix our old, ugly, cracked driveway before doing work on the part that people will not see). Donny was the most accommodating in finding a time to come out as soon as possible, without sounding like I'm inconveniencing him (like some of the others). He asked what I wanted done, took some measurements, then gave me an estimate. At this point, of course the pricing is higher than I expected (which I'm sure is common for a home owner to estimate low compared to contractor going rate) but most of the others just tried to justify the cost while condescendingly stating how my budget is too low to do anything nice, and some even tried to upgrade me from a cost that was already out of my budget. Donny just explained to me why the cost is what it is, then when I told him my budget, he recommended ways to get the work done within budget by cutting out some things, replacing with different materials, etc.  He was also not pushy about making a decision right then & there, while some of the others played the game of "well I thought you were ready to do it now" trying to guilt me into deciding and "well if you say you'll do it now, I'll do it for this reduced price".

After taking into consideration everything, my gut feeling was to go with Donny, but the other companies had better ads, websites, and had online reviews, whereas West Coast didn't have a strong online presence and didn't even pop up on yelp. But after speaking to Donny and expressing my concerns, he gave me a few referrals, gave me a few addresses of previous work he had done, and even suggested me to go to the paver co he uses (at this point I decided to do pavers instead of resurfacing with concrete) and ask them about him. So after following up with all of that, I felt comfortable enough to go with them.

He originally said they couldn't start for another month or so, but was able to start within a week of me signing the contract. He estimated it would take 5 days to complete. The first day they showed up right on time for demo. I was told the next day or two, they would be back to grade & level the concrete base to get ready for the pavers. 2 days passed and 1 full day the pavers were sitting outside my house waiting to go down on the compacted base and sand, which was not done yet, but since they still had 2 more days to complete it, I didn't freak out too much. But by the 4th day, no one showed up in the morning, and after a few calls to Donny, the crew did not get here until like 3pm. But they did work until almost 8pm and got quite a lot done. However they did need 1 extra day to complete the project. There was an issue where they didn't cap a sprinkler line that ran under the driveway, so when I watered my lawn, this fountain of water came up from under my new pavered driveway. Of course this freaked me out, but Donny was able to get someone out early next morning. They were able to pull up just the blocks needed to fix the line, extend it to a spot I wanted, then replace the pavers as if they were never moved.

So now that everything is said and done, I am extremely happy with the result. I wanted to write this review so that others would not be afraid to use this company, just because they seem to "not exist" in our web-based world. They do very nice work, have good pricing, and do not seem shady in the least. Thank you Donny and West Coast Concrete Services!